Shows and Collaborations

Born with a set of straps, Roman began his training and performances at the age of 5 in front of thousands of audience. Below is a list of recent shows featuring Roman's straps act.


KURIOS Cabinet of Curiosities

Cirque du Soleil

"A mysterious and fascinating realm that disorients your senses and challenges your perceptions. Step into the curio cabinet of an ambitious inventor who defies the laws of time, space and dimension in order to reinvent everything around him. Suddenly, the visible becomes invisible, perspectives are transformed, and the world is literally turned upside down."

Roman and Vitaly Tomanov's act

“Siamese twins” hanging in the air from straps are separated at last when they fly high above the stage in a series of acrobatic figures, sometimes as a pair, sometimes solo. The two artists soar to impressive heights and crisscross above the stage while performing synchronized figures that require flawless timing.



Le Noir

The cirque extravaganza that has taken the world by storm. Enter the captivating world of Le Noir The Dark Side of Cirque, an extraordinary evening of intimate cirque style entertainment starring some of the most incredible acrobatic acts on earth.




Cirque du Soleil

Zaia was a Cirque du Soleil stage production based at The Venetian Macao on the Cotai Strip in Macau. The 90-minute show opened in August 2008, bringing together 75 high-calibre artists from around the world. Zaia was Cirque du Soleil's first resident show in Asia and is directed by Neilson Vignola and Gilles Maheu. 




Blending classical Commedia dell’Arte with the hundred year legacy of the European circus and modern cirque style entertainment, BALAGAN (Russian for “Marketplace circus”) combines unique music, choreography, athleticism and comedy. 

BALAGAN is the Dreamers World, it takes you on a magical journey and brings you back richer with inspiring memories.